Amadeus Offer & Pricing

A flexible fare scheme to define new prices for scheduled services and targeted discounts. Get the best fare computation instantly and implement complex pricing rules easily.

An efficient pricing solution for up-to-the-minute products and marketing campaigns.


Accelerate profitability

Get tighter control over pricing and answer customer demands in real time.

Real-time management

Take more control over the distribution of your products and launch new ones instantly.

Ancillary revenues

Combine rail travel with any other travel service and effectively upsell to your customers .

Implement a smart pricing strategy

We help you meet market demands with our pricing tool.

Smooth fare computation

Coordinate your fares in real-time.

Greater control

Get full control over your rail products and after-sales conditions, including refund and exchange.

Offer a bespoke customer experience

Give your customers a tailored offer.

Proactive response

Implement a reactive pricing strategy, allowing you to adapt to unforeseen events.

Personalized offers

Create an offer package for the customer with their specific needs in mind.

Tailored pricing strategies

Put in place different pricing strategies for all your sales channels.


Our solution simplifies offer and pricing management to a single, reliable program.

Graphical user interface

All information is accessible in a user-friendly interface.

Zero data duplication

Avoids wasted time on duplicating data from any other owned systems.

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Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Offer & Pricing

Amadeus Offer & Pricing allows you to turn your strategy into action. Our solution helps you to entice your customers with tailored pricing strategies.

Full control of sales channels.
Smart fare calculation which gives you space to adapt your pricing strategy to the market demand.
Bring brilliant pricing strategies instantly to market.
Test release and simulation in production.

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