Amadeus Inventory & Seats

Respond to customer needs and market changes. Amadeus Inventory & Seats helps you to quickly release and sell your seats.

Control the availability of your inventory and seats in line with demand, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


Reach profitability

Amadeus Inventory & Seats offers an effective, flexible way to adjust to market demand, enabling you to maximize sales.

Adaptable yields

Keep in tune with demand fluctuations. Adapt pricing margins and stock allocation in real-time.

Ancillary services

Widen your revenue streams by selling ancillary services in each rail booking.

Greater control

Gain full control over your rail inventory capacity.

Manage bookings with precision

Respond real-time to demand, by freely opening up or restricting your travel inventory.

Detailed reporting

Get accurate reports on any inventory change.

Enhance customer experience

Amadeus Inventory & Seats helps you to fill your seats and position your rail offer.

Customer preferences

Make your products quickly available and sell them according to your customers’ needs.

Last minute sales

Facilitate your customers’ last-minute plans and reduce the number of unused seats with our last-minute sales provision, which even accommodates for late trains.

Overbooking and waitlist management

Manage your overbooked seats and waitlists. Fill empty seats and offer passengers an alternative travel option.

Increase productivity

Limit manual work with Amadeus Inventory & Seats.

Intuitive workflow

The graphical user interface simplifies your allocation system. Automate acquisition or create schedules manually with a guided flow.

Avoid data duplication

Transfer seats and inventory data between platforms automatically.

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Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

Connect your rail offer to the travel ecosystem. Worldwide.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Inventory & Seats

Get the most out of every seat with Amadeus Inventory & Seats. Our solution makes rail travel more accessible to your customers and better organized for you.

Keep track of changes in stock allocation and organization.
Easy connectivity with any revenue management system.
Sophisticated booking class and restriction management.
Automatic acquisition or manual creation of schedules through a guided flow.

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