Amadeus Web Services

 Enjoy unparalleled connectivity from a single point of access to the entire range of Amadeus' comprehensive content. Amadeus Web Services offer a cost-effective way to build and update your own customized travel booking applications. Plus, with easy implementation and integration with your existing systems, you’ll always be at the cutting-edge of technology.

Create your very own bespoke booking application and enhance your online travel agency's customer service.


Engage customers with superior content

Create customer applications and deliver a wealth of high-quality content to your customers. 

Tailor content to your customers' needs

Create custom applications and deliver unique solutions to your online customers, with the flexibility to choose from our wide range of innovative content.

Simplified and streamlined implementation

Amadeus Web Services is easy to implement and integrate with your existing systems through SOAP, XML or http. With no dependency on platforms, languages or frameworks, you're free to take advantage of open source technology for reduced development and license cost.

Guaranteed server access

Amadeus has a 99.5% guaranteed server accessibility with the 100 billion transactions we process every year.

Benefit from easy implementation

With no platform, language or framework dependency, you're free to take advantage of open source technology to decrease development and license costs.

Product Highlights Amadeus Web Services

Enjoy outstanding performance and reliability, create custom applications and engage customers with high-quality content.

Create custom applications and deliver unique solutions with our expansive range of innovative content.
Enjoy streamlined integration with existing systems, avoiding dependency on specific platforms, languages or frameworks.
Maximize performance and reliability with Amadeus Web Services, featuring the most comprehensive documentation and automatic code generation in the market.
Amadeus offers 99.5% guaranteed server accessibility with 100 billion transactions processed every year. 

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