Rail Content

Give your customers unrivalled choice with Amadeus Rail content and connect to over 90 railways around the globe.

Add value to your online travel agency, helping travelers save money and connect their journey by rail.


Streamline the booking experience

Make booking rail more cost efficient, removing complexity from the rail booking process.

Rail providers across the globe

Amadeus Rail Display is a dedicated rail booking tool with one of the most comprehensive sources of rail content in the world. This includes full content from local rail providers in all key European rail markets.

Simple yet smart technology

Amadeus Rail application features a user-friendly graphical interface and offers fast and intuitive end-to-end booking flows. Fully integrated into the Amadeus Selling Platform, the rail API enables you to build your own booking engine too.

Upsell ancillary services

Give your customers a relaxed experience when it comes to all things travel, relieving their stress by smoothly connecting your rail offer with other modes of transport.

Keep your travelers smiling

Compare different modes of travel and reach new customers as more travelers begin to choose rail as a cost-effective, alternative mode of transport.

Compare before purchase

Amadeus Air-Rail Display gives you instant air-rail comparison on frequently used routes, helping to reduce your customers’ travel expenses. Taking all possible modes of transport into account, rail content can be booked in combination with airlines, hotels and car rentals via a single itinerary.

Trust our record

Rail bookings with Amadeus are made easier for the business traveler with our online booking tool that guarantees real-time information throughout the booking process in alignment with corporate policies.

Modify with ease

Carry out cancellations, modifications or group bookings with only a few clicks.

Product Highlights Amadeus Rail Content

Capitalize on a growing business segment with rail becoming a preferred method of travel for many travelers.

Take advantage of a dedicated rail booking tool featuring extensive content from international rail markets.
Our rail application features an intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface for streamlined end-to-end booking flows.
Offer customers a connected travel experience with seamless connections to and from the airport.
Help your customers reduce travel costs with the Amadeus Air-Rail Display.
Optimize cancellation, modification and group booking processes.

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