Amadeus MetaConnect for Metasearch and Travel Media

Refine your strategy in the Metasearch channel. Connect to a network of possibilities by using a reliable and neutral source of Airline content powered by our cutting-edge technology.

Maximize your reach and performance through Amadeus MetaConnect.


Enhance your operations

We can support the media operations of your online travel agency in an easy, fast and sustainable way.

Provide a unique commercial entry point

Connect with travel providers worldwide, gaining access to their products offerings and giving your customers access to an even better service.

Amadeus MetaConnect Search

Access the same cheapest fares as the airlines website. Use a reliable and neutral source of Airline content powered by our Search technology.

Amadeus MetaConnect Book

Explore new business models and boost your conversions with assisted booking

Amadeus MetaConnect Network

Sign up with global, regional and local airlines and gain easy access to their content. Amadeus MetaConnect Network allows airlines and Travel Media companies to connect in an affiliate network model.

Increase your yields

Explore and create new monetization models. Simply tailor the most efficient model(s) to suit your strategy and partners through referral, assisted booking and/or our affiliate partner network. 

Offer easy contractual agreement options

Make signing up for travel sellers easy, avoiding expense and hassle and allowing you to improve your bottom-line.

Tailor your sales opportunities

Build monetization models that work for the needs of each of your travel partners and allow you to create a sustainable source of added revenue.

Product highlights Amadeus MetaConnect for Metasearch and Travel Media

Put the best travel content and offers in front of your online customers and witness customer experience and revenues improve as a result.

Single entry point for an airline to apply and manage its commercial logic, contract and settlement plans with multiple small/medium sized metas around the world.
Full flexibility to determine business approach with each metasearch partner, in each market.
Improves travellers’ booking experience in both web and mobile.
Increases airline travel offer exposure through Amadeus’ cutting-edge search technology at the critical moment when online consumers are shopping.
Delivers accurate airline content to Metasearch partners.

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