Merchandising in search

Searching for flights can also be done by attribute as online shoppers may want to look for specific services that are meaningful to them – enhancing the user experience thanks to relevant information, clearer choices for users when merchandising is integrated in the search results.

Become a true retailer with merchandising in search.


Become a true retailer with Merchandising in search:

- Bags: attachment rate is up to 12%

- Seats: attachment rate up to 5%

- Fare Families: upsell rate is up 20%

You can also build your own offers with Amadeus Master Pricer Bundles

Customize the offer

Apply your own criteria to structure and display search results.

Fair compare

Let users compare homogeneous recommendations and appreciate the full value of the offer

Promote upsell

As early as search results, encourage your users to consider added-value options

Product Highlights Merchandising in search

Relevant information
Clearer choices for users when merchandising is integrated since search results
Easy to promote upsells
Customizable offers