Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR

Lock ticket prices and protect against further increases, buying yourself more time to organize your trip before completing the booking.

Drive revenue from non-bookers with Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR, an extensive, end-to-end solution, offering sophisticated fare prediction and protection.


Effectively protect your fare and booking

Think ahead and think smart with Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR, which enables you to eliminate the effects of undersold cabins.

Accurate predictions

Predict sellout risk of a cabin class to eliminate the need to integrate with inventory. The result? Faster deployments, higher conversion, higher revenue and a minimized opportunity cost.

Leverage and respond to precise fare predictions

Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR predicts fares for the most complex itineraries to achieve 100% coverage at 95% accuracy, eliminating all risk of fare cannibalization.

Harness dynamic fare protection pricing

Calculate premiums in under 200 milliseconds, find the highest possible conversion and integrate predicted fare increases into pricing to lower opportunity costs. Dynamically priced fare protection generates approximately 87% more revenue than fixed pricing.

Benefit from full integration

All of FLYR’s solutions are integrated with a proprietary analytics and reporting platform, helping you to identify, track and minimize risks while driving better conversion and pricing throughout the booking funnel.

Product Highlights Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR

Drive revenue from non-bookers with Amadeus Farekeep by FLYR.

Accurately determine when it’s in your financial interest to pay for fare protection and when it’s not, helping you to sustain and improve your bottom line.
Amadeus FareKeep by FLYR can handle payments (even split payments), customer support and claims processing. 
Underwrite all or a portion of the financial risk associated with protecting a fare. 
Predict sellout risk to avoid selling fare protection on flights that will sellout. No need to incur the costs associated with holding inventory.

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