Fare Families

In a complex and ever-changing market, it’s not always easy for your online customers to find the best flight. Fare Families helps you provide them with the purchase information that they require to make the correct decision that works for them. Add value to your travel offer today by offering richer, more reliable content for your online shoppers.

Deliver enriched content to your online shoppers and improved customer experience, adding value to your offering.


Increase customer satisfaction

Zero in on the best travel options for your online customers with fare families from Amadeus. Select from a wide range of travel content based on your customers’ individual needs, resulting in more rewarding customer experiences and a more profitable business.

Create a seamless user experience

Provide insight into every detail of your travel offers, with detailed descriptions of services offered, refund or exchange policies and, of course, fare type. Our fare families provide your customers with clear information on the costs and benefits of different travel options.

Assist your online customers with clear optionality

With complete visibility over what’s included in each fare family, you can provide complete transparency to your customers in order to build trust and drive loyalty.

Offer an efficient and reliable service

Stay competitive by saving your customers time thanks to easy access to all bundled fares – all integrated within the standard booking flow.

Personalize your upsell offers

Our built-in, automated upsell recommendations feature allows you to seamlessly recommend better travel options, helping you to deliver a more tailored travel experience to your customers.

Benefit from enhanced operations that increase profit

Offer simplicity and consistency to your customers with fare families from Amadeus.

Harness a fully integrated solution

Fare families are seamlessly integrated into Amadeus to help you serve your travelers even more effectively and efficiently. Your online customers will now be able to access and book fare families in exactly the same way as any other fare type.

Drive business with personalized recommendations

Automatically offer recommendations that are tailored around your clients’ profiles and their specific needs, meaning that you can justify higher fares for better service and drive business as a result.

Product Highlights Fare Families

Meet the needs of your online shoppers and offer a positive experience that will add value to your brand.

With greater visibility and transparency on airfares, you can enable your travelers to make a more informed choice about how they construct their travel itinerary.
Benefit from increased transparency on what’s included in the fare type in terms of services, conditions and mileage accrual.
Enhance customer satisfaction with the ability to personalize and customize air bookings based on your customers’ specific needs and recommend the best-suited upgrades.
Gain a stronger competitive edge and easy access to all bundled fares integrated within a standard booking flow.
Enjoy complete visibility of airlines' fare families, including the fare family name, as well as the services and main conditions associated with each fare.
Leverage increased efficiency thanks to the seamless integration into all booking flows: cryptic command page, graphic interface in the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect and Amadeus Web Services. 
Enhance customer satisfaction by offering a more personalized and customized air booking flow that’s tailored to every traveler’s specific needs.
Target the right fare to the right customer by pricing on the basis of fare family and later upgrade recommendations.

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