Amadeus Digital Advertising

Monetize your traffic and recover some of your marketing budget spent on attracting traffic to your website by displaying ads and real-time bookable offers that influence online shoppers during the search process

Connect and engage with your online customers in a highly targeted, relevant and cost-effective way.


Increase yields by engaging your site users

Excite and engage users on your site, offering them a diverse range of clickable ads leading to products on external sites or your own with a marketing message that’s tailored to them.

Benefit from 100% margins

Because advertising is not filtered through a third party, you’ll gain 100% margins that will boost your bottom line.

Advertising that truly appeals to your clients

Show your customers travel-only ads for products that are tailored specifically to them. Also, we only place native ads that match the look and feel of your site on the page.

Add value for your online travel shoppers

Mix organic results with advertising, offering your clients services and products that match their interests.

Deploy bespoke advertisements

As an online travel retailer Metasearch, you can integrate ads seamlessly within your search results, returning ads based on your customers’ search criteria, helping them access products and services that are truly suited to their needs.

Product Highlights Amadeus Digital Advertising

Whatever your objective, there are many ways to monetize your traffic. Different types of ads can truly make a difference to your bottom line. Simply integrate ads on various pages and connect customers with product offerings that work for them.

High yields with 100% margin, boosting your bottom line with no impact on your core e-commerce activities.
High relevance with travel-only ads that are truly relevant to your customers.
Low intrusion with native ads matching the look and feel of your site.
Full control with blacklisting, ad design, customized and transparent reporting.
Full service with simple and free integration, a dedicated account manager and focus on continuous optimization.
Complete reporting with publisher dashboard with customized KPI reporting.

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