Air Content

Access the world's richest content to create the best personalized offers for your customers.

Leverage rich merchandizing content and provide customers with an enhanced, personalized service.


Differentiate your brand with a superior content offering

We offer the widest possible choice of merchandising content, enabling you to differentiate and personalize your service, regardless of the request. So it doesn’t matter how far and wide your customers' travel aspirations go, you’ll always be able to book the right services for them.

Access content from all types of carriers

Access content from over 450 airlines, more than 110 of which are low-cost and hybrid carriers.

Fare parity

You’ll have access to the same fares available anywhere else for over 110 airlines, ensuring you’re always offering customers competitive prices.

Take advantage of ancillary services

Add value to your offer with ancillary services from over 90 air travel companies, including seat selection, baggage and more.

Extensive fare family options

Choose from hundreds of fare family options from some of the world’s leading airlines.

Deliver tailored services to your online travel shoppers

Building strong and loyal customer relationships means supporting them in every situation, whether it’s last-minute arrangements, during a disruption or during regular travel. With over 130 airlines using Amadeus Altéa, our world-class airline passenger service solution will allow you to benefit from unmatched passenger name record (PNR) accuracy and visibility.

The highest level of access

Benefit from the highest level of access, including last seat availability for over 290 airlines. This allows you to make every booking with the knowledge that you're getting the very best deal.

Enhanced visibility

Capture every sales opportunity with visibility right down to the last seat.

Intuitive graphical seat map

Allow clients to view and book using the graphical seat map.

Tailor your offers based on the traveler

Personalize service based on travelers’ frequent flyer status and travel preferences.

Single, comprehensive PNR

Access to a single PNR, which allows you see and manage all updates to your passengers' itineraries.

Instant confirmation

Instant confirmation to bookings and changes made to existing reservations, resulting in a reduction in ADMs.

Product Highlights Air Content

Access flight schedules, ancillary services and bundled fares.

Access the world’s leading air content inventory with over 450 airlines, of which over 110 are low-cost carriers.
Personalize trips with access to a rich catalogue of merchandising content.
Book with confidence by working on the same platform as over 120 airlines across the world, giving you real-time availability.
Beat the competition by accessing the last available seat for over 290 airlines across the world.
Daily OAG feed delivering up-to-date flight information.
Harness automatic personalization by customer contexts and frequent flyer status.

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