Amadeus Agency Insight Search Analysis

Turn data into insight and get information on traveler search using shopping data, helping you to identify traveler behavior patterns and improve the efficiency of your online marketing.

Get a clear view of upcoming opportunities and where your travelers are heading.


Increase the marketing effectiveness of your online travel agency

Optimize search engine marketing spend by identifying seasonal search patterns on your website and adjust your offering in response. Plus, gain a clearer understanding of what you offer your partners.

Improve the customer experience

Tailor the content of your offers based on anticipated demand, then improve the targeting of your advertising with more relevant key word searches and content.

Enhance your supplier management

Enjoy smoother negotiations with airlines thanks to improved visibility of your agency's offering compared to competitors.

Optimize your strategy and resources

Identify growing routes so you can focus your marketing and sales resources on them.

Enhanced SEO

Optimize your SEO marketing, promoting the right offer at the right time.

Know your value

Gain a deeper understanding of your agency’s relevance to partner airlines.

Form new partnerships

Identify new airline partners to help capture new revenue streams.

Optimize market expansion

Better assess opportunities for expansion into new markets.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Insight Search Analysis

Improve the efficiency of your online and offline marketing by identifying and capitalizing on traveler shopping behavior patterns.

Identify customer shopping behavior patterns to adapt your online offer .
Perform efficient advertising and optimize your search engine marketing. For example, you could promote your offer only on destinations flagged as relevant.
Position your online travel agency against your market competitors for better sales monitoring, supply management and marketing.
Keep ahead of the competition armed with unique knowledge of consumers’ travel intentions and travel market trends.

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