Amadeus Transfers for Retail Travel Agencies

Ensure that no part of your customers’ journey plans is overlooked with our transfer solution. We help you give your travelers access to competitive, door-to-door transportation in over 1000 destinations and 142 markets, leaving them contented and with a lasting, positive impression of your company.

Accommodate for all your customers’ needs by connecting them with a wide range of transfer options.


Ease of use and peace of mind

Easily shape our solution around your travel agency's needs with multi-provider coverage and fluid adaptation to a variety of formats.

Multi-provider platform

Access to recognized brands worldwide in more than 1000 destinations and 142 markets, which you’re able to filter and personalize for your customers’ demands.

Available in a wide variety of formats

Our solution is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Amadeus front-end solutions (Selling Platform/Connect) and self-booking tools, our Plug & Play white label* website and JSON and REST web services*. (* coming soon)

Full PNR integration

The Transfers segment is automatically integrated into the PNR, saving you time and reducing errors.

Access new revenue streams

By opening up new selling channels, your company will be able to benefit from lucrative, new revenue streams.

Offer more

Transfer services are typically the missing link in travel agencies’ transport provision. By responding to this gap in the market, you’ll increase spending from your customers.

Good for customers

Go the extra mile for your customers by covering every base of their journey plan.

Competitive pricing

Access to original provider rates enable you to offer the best quotes possible to your travelers.

Provide a wide range of services

Avoid losing your client base to alternative 3rd party applications by offering products for and helping to organize every step of your customers' journeys.

Product Highlights Amadeus Transfers for Retail Travel Agencies

Our solution helps you fill the gap that exists in travelers' journey plans where transfer services are concerned. We allow you to account for all of your customers’ needs, improving customer satisfaction and winning you significant new revenues.

Widen your product offering and grow revenues as a consequence.
Help your travelers access the transfer services they want, and heighten customer satisfaction and drive customer retention in the process.
Our emphasis on fast implementation means that our platform can easily be added as an extension of the Amadeus Selling Platform.
Easy integration into your company's existing booking flow.

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