Amadeus Transfers for Online Travel Agencies

Incorporate transfer services into your online selling channels, allowing you to expand revenue streams and to create a more convenient user experience for your travelers by situating transfer options inside one organized booking flow, which can be accessed from their desktop or mobile, anywhere, anytime

Provide your online customers with unrivalled point-to-point travel options with our transfer booking system.


Benefit from new revenue streams

Linking your business into Amadeus Transfers for Online Travel Agencies offers the opportunity to expand your company’s revenues by adding a new, in-demand service to your portfolio.

Expand your product offering

By offering a wider range of products, with the addition of transfer services, you can win generous new custom from your online clients.

Implement our solution with ease

Our solution, which is fully DOT compliant and PCI-DSS certified, is designed to fit easily within any website’s infrastructure, adapting easily to your website’s layout and systems.

Easy and comprehensive integration

Amadeus Transfers for Online Travel Agencies can integrate neatly into your systems, sourcing flight information and PNR data to ease the booking flow alongside processing back office data.

Multi-device usability

Our platform can be accessed both online and on mobile phones.

Utilize rich content

The size of our database of transfer services means that you can rest assured that you’ll find the best travel options for your customers, zeroing in on the providers that will work best for them.

Tailor content

Our platform gives you the ability to customize your product offering for your customers’ specific requirements.

Product Highlights Amadeus Transfers for Online Travel Agencies

Offer best-in-class access to taxi and transfer services to your online customer base from within the booking flow with Amadeus Transfers for Online Travel Agencies, providing your travelers with a convenient solution to their travel needs.

Gain significant commission from providers.
Our solutions provide global coverage with recognized brands that can be personalized to your customers' providers of choice.
Touchpoint optimization with a unified booking and payment process.
Full PNR and back office integration.
Automated, customized and co-branded confirmation email.
Original provider rates give you with competitive prices for your travelers.

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