Amadeus Transfers for Business Travel Agencies

Satisfy the wide-ranging requirements of your corporate clientele by providing them with a simple means of booking transfers from the airport to their place of business. All of this can be done from within your own self booking tools and expense management systems, using our integrated platform.

Meet all of the needs of business travelers with our taxi and transfer solution.


Stay adaptable in an evolving market

We know that the business travel market is constantly evolving; hence, our platform is designed to help you offer your clientele a comprehensive travel plan, including (above all else) transfer and taxi services.

Go the extra mile for your clients

Maintain your relevance in the market by ensuring that your business travel clients can construct their entire journey plan, using your help, with the addition of transfer and taxi services.

Harness an easy-to-use adaptable solution

Our solution is built with adaptability in mind, meaning that we’ve ensured that it’s available in a wide variety of formats.

Open-ended operability

Our platforms can be used within an extensive range of Amadeus solutions, including front-end and self-booking tools, alongside Plug & Play white label website and web services.

Easy integration

Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into any businesses’ expense management system, making your company.

Control and enhance your content

Draw from our access to a wide range of transfer providers to find product offerings that are suited to your business clientele’s specific needs.

Tailor your product offering

Be flexible and responsive to your clients’ brief with our platform that allows you to build your transfer services offering around their specific needs.

Rate parity

Access to original provider rates means that you can employ the most competitive pricing policy for your customers.

Overtake your competitors

Make sure that your business travel clients know that you’re the first access point for the most affordable transfer service bookings.

Product Highlights Amadeus Transfers for Business Travel Agencies

Incorporate transfer services from globally recognized brands into your product offering and boost your reputation amongst business travelers as a result by guaranteeing them the peace of mind they need to focus on what really matters while traveling.

Make sure your product offering provides business travelers with every service they need and see revenue growth as a result.
Integrated into the booking flow to drive customer retention.
Transfer segment integrated into mid and back office, and adapted to your formats.
Multilingual and multicurrency application means that you can service a global client base.
Easy implementation thanks to full DOT compliance and PCI-DSS certification.
Customizable confirmation email service.

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