Amadeus Cars Web-Services for Online Travel Sellers

Our smart, car rental solution allows you to cater for all your online customers’ needs. Offer real-time rates and availability for car rental services in over 40,000 locations worldwide, opening up additional revenue streams and enhancing the quality of your customer service.

Our flexible technology makes it easy for you to include car rental options into your customers’ travel bookings.


Offer a best-in-class customer experience

Our unique car rental solution gives you the advantage of complete control and ultimate flexibility. We allow you to implement a design that perfectly matches your brand vision and harness technology that supports the way your business works best.

Access a vast multimedia database

Our database contains an extensive library of vehicle images as well as information on a wide variety of makes and models, allowing you to give your online customers an in-depth insight into the car rental options your travel agency has to offer.

Maintain peace of mind with comprehensive support

Our team of car rental experts provides consultancy for your company throughout the whole process: from support in deciding which option works best to assistance through implementation to maximizing adoption after launch.

Harness a stable and reliable booking system

By choosing Amadeus, you're choosing the leading and most trusted processor of travel transactions worldwide. This means you can be assured of the stability and reliability of your booking system.

Benefit from new revenue streams

We enable your company to widen your product range, satisfying your customers’ desire for maximal choice, and boosting your revenues.

Improve your product offering

Offer your customers a comprehensive set of options from global, regional and local car rental solutions.

Product Highlights Amadeus Cars Web-Services for Online Travel Sellers

We give you the power to find a car rental partner that works for your customers. Choose from a group of over 45 car rental providers worldwide, each one offering you customer a comprehensive insight into their products, ensuring that you offer an unrivalled service to your customers.

Additional revenue streams and improved customer service offering.
Flexible technology that adapts to your needs.
Access to 45 car rental providers in over 40,000 locations worldwide.
Expertise and consultative support from our team of car rental experts.

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