Amadeus Cars Revenue Optimizer

Forecast and manage revenue for car rental companies with greater accuracy, eliminating the distribution costs of non-productive bookings. Analyze relevant information from various sources and minimize revenue leakage across the customer service chain.

Partner with world’s best revenue optimizer partner to protect and maximize revenue by eliminating unproductive bookings (no shows) and reducing fleet transfer and inventory costs.


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Maximize revenue and eliminate distribution costs

Optimize revenues by reducing non-productive bookings, no-shows and late cancels and re-renting available inventories at the best possible fare, in compliance with your Revenue Management and business rules.

Streamline across multiple car bookings

Perform sophisticated and unique fuzzy name matching, such as alternative spellings, to minimize unnecessary creation of alternate travel plans across multiple car bookings.

Reduce costs and resources

Maximize revenues and profits by reducing fleet transportation costs and inventory costs for no shows and late cancels through unproductive booking sources.

Reporting & Insights

Gain insights on sources of abusive behaviors, inventory cost drivers and seasonality in non-productive bookings to make informed business decisions and maximize your revenue.

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Protect revenue

Leverage a number of cutting-edge features designed to optimize your revenue .

Control financial risk

Block reservations from customers or agencies using fraudulent or abusive behavior.

Expert Consultancy

Access expert support from our service team to take your business to the next level. Our consulting team will ensure that you get the most from your investment.

Custom Management

Work across highly-flexible and customizable business rules with the ability to identify trends and sources of abusive behavior.

Flexible and scalable


The highly flexible platform allows you to customize revenue optimization processes.

Complete Reservation Validation

Identify incomplete information provided by customers and automatically validate supporting reservation information and other fields to filter out the potential no-shows. 

Automatically evaluate bookings

Customize your business rules for price shopping and other scenarios to eliminate unproductive car reservations.

Set Time limits

Send customers reminders in a timely manner for inconsistent bookings and free up inventories. 

Product Highlights Amadeus Cars Revenue Optimizer

Minimize revenue dilution and increase profitability.

Minimize revenue dilution and increase profitability.
Limit non-productive booking costs by reducing no-show rates and last-minute cancellations.
Safeguard your revenue and ensure customers comply with the original conditions of their purchase.
Customize your revenue optimization processes.
Eliminate bookings with fake names, managing your car reservations more effectively.
Minimize unnecessary creation of alternate travel plans across multiple car bookings.
Prevent groups from holding onto car inventories they may not use.
Customize business rules, identifying the sources of abusive behavior.

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