Amadeus Cars for Retail Travel Agencies

Broaden the product offering and appeal of your travel booking business by supplying your customers with the most extensive choice of cars content offered by any GDS. Best of all, you can achieve all this from within the traditional Amadeus Selling Platform, making it easy for your agents and clients.

Overtake the competition with our car rental platform’s personalized, reliable and unbeatable service.


Provide your customers with rich and detailed content

Our platform is centered around compelling content that gives you and your customers a 360-degree view of every car rental option on offer.

Expertly curated content

Our team of car rental experts work round the clock in markets across the world (with insights into over 42,000 locations) to keep you and your customer base in touch with the best car rental offers, delivering information that helps them make an informed decision on a good journey plan.

Access a rich multimedia database

Our service provides you with detailed car specifications and photos that help you satisfy your customers’ desire for choice and information when renting a vehicle.

Benefit from new revenue streams

Our platform offers your customers access to a selection of car rental options that is sure to encompass something suited to their needs and more.

Harness flexible technology

Our solution is adjustable to any of your travelers’ needs, ensuring that they can always find a car rental that works for them and you can grow your revenues from increased custom.

Easy means of payment

We make sure that every possible customer is welcome, accommodating for multiple rate types and different payment options along with pre-pay and pay on arrival options.

Great Customer Service

We work round the clock to ensure that our service is delivered in the most effective and convenient way for the customer.

Stay in the know with the help of our team of experts

We know that keeping in touch with the minute-by-minute changes in availability and customer experience is essential that’s why we have a team of experts available 24/7.

Leverage a smart, stable system

We help you concentrate on listening and responding to your customers by taking care of all the IT and technology complexities for you.

Collaborate with a leading travel processor

Our proven track record as a leading travel processor for the past 30 years speaks for itself. When it comes to technological solutions for travel booking and delivery, we’re a company that you and your customers can trust.

Minimize complexity with our intuitive booking flow

We facilitate the easiest possible booking experience for your agents, so they can focus on responding to all your customers’ needs.

Full integration

Our system benefits from full PNR and back office integration along with pre-filled information transfer from profiles and policies.

Product Highlights Amadeus Cars for Retail Travel Agencies

Benefit from quick and easy access to the widest choice of cars content offered by any GDS whilst giving your customers a seamless booking experience that will put you a step ahead of the competition.

Geographical co-ordinates, detailed map displays and location shuttle indicators.
Unbeatable product offering that helps to grow revenues.
Best-in-trade customer service overseen by a team of car rental experts worldwide.
System fully integrated with PNR and back office.
Rich multimedia content that adds depth to your product offering.
Compatible with wide range of payment options and payment plans.

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