Amadeus Cars for Corporations

Our mission is to facilitate the most comfortable, hassle-free corporate travel experience possible. We position car reservation front and center within the air and hotel self-booking tool, making it simple to construct an integrated trip itinerary that allows for easy modification when required.

Benefit from easy and comprehensive car rental reservation from within the wider trip booking tool.


Access a global range of car rental services

Move up a gear with the most extensive content from over 40 car rental providers/ global multinationals as well as local and regional providers and brokers in 42,000+ locations across the globe. Customers can choose to engage with car providers directly or use content supplied by brokers.

Add more diverse content

Amadeus gives you access to local car rental companies and brokers that are not available in any other GDS.

Leverage efficient, effective technology

Search, book and complete car rentals in seconds with an easy-to-use system for improved productivity and highly effective sales.

Benefit from expert advice

Our team of car rental experts offers advice and consultancy throughout the whole process of reserving a rental car: from support in deciding which option works best, to help with implementation and maximizing adoption after launch.

Keep your clients informed with on-screen brochures

Amadeus AIS pages provide your agents with all the information they need to become instant car rental booking experts.

Access local providers in locations worldwide

Amadeus Cars includes unique local providers and brokers which are not distributed through other GDS’s. It provides a means to improving customer service whilst maximizing profits.

Full training and 24/7 support

Amadeus also offers excellent ‘follow the sun’ 24/7 support plus comprehensive training materials, if required.


Backed up by the number one processor of travel transactions to keep everything sturdy behind the wheel. Our advanced technology and connection capabilities cater to a range of different needs; from HTML Plug & Play solutions to a more sophisticated Web Services implementation.

Real-time availability

Benefit from superior accuracy with every car booking in every transaction.

PNR integration

Seamless PNR integration and validation for improved productivity and impressive customer service.

Customer compliance

Corporate and individual profiles can be quickly, easily and securely stored for automatic compliance with specific customer preferences and corporate travel policies.

Product Highlights Amadeus Cars for Corporations

Enhance your corporate travel program with streamlined car rental services, ensure your travelers never miss a meeting and enjoy a comfortable journey, wherever they go.

Car booking integrated with air and hotel booking. Prefilled information from profiles and policies saves time.
All loyalty / frequent flyer programs supported.
Travelers can easily modify car reservation details when required.
With Amadeus Cars, you gain access to 20% more car rental locations compared to competing GDS’s.
Enjoy an easy-to-use, intuitive system to search and book car rentals for maximized productivity.
Amadeus offers expert support and consultancy throughout the entire implementation process.
Real-time availability with consistent levels of accuracy and customer satisfaction.
Seamless PNR integration that serves to optimize productivity and customer experience.

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