Amadeus Sales & Event Management

Put your establishment on the map and foster a reputation of reliability and excellence with Amadeus. Our Sales & Event Management solutions help you deliver exciting, engaging events underpinned by exceptional customer service and operational efficiency.

Deliver exciting, engaging events underpinned by a commitment to exceptional customer service and operational efficiency.


Amadeus Sales & Event Management (Central Sales)

Improve communication and collaboration between both above and on property teams. Amadeus Central Sales increases lead quality, simplifies the RFP process and allows greater management visibility over sales flows.

Streamline distribution

Simplify the distribution of your RFPs to a portfolio of properties in a given region or across the globe.

Mobile and social

Take advantage of native mobile and social capabilities.

Enhance your above-property management

Effective above-property pre-qualification based on property availability.

Amadeus Sales & Event Management (Advanced)

Available on-premises or in the cloud, the Advanced module features adds mobile, automation and collaboration functionalities.

Connect with and target customers effectively

Improve your customer relationship management (CRM). Build stronger connections with your market with access to thorough account details revealing individual customer needs.

Collaborate across multiple properties

Connect and collaborate with multiple properties, strengthening communication among customers and internal teams.

Data-driven decision making

Access reporting and dashboards across single or multi-enterprise organizations. This helps teams make more effective decisions informed by analytical insight.


Amadeus Sales & Event Management - Fundamental (HSP)

Improve customer satisfaction and foster repeat business. With a streamlined, easy-to-use interface and a budget-friendly price point, the Fundamental (HSP) module increases staff efficiency without wasting resources.

Reduce staff workload with automation

Automate the events sales process with a robust account and contact relationship management system. Centralize documentation for groups and events keeping an organized workforce - especially important for smaller teams.

Gain visibility over availability

Gain visibility into function space availability through use of a single data repository and fundamental reporting.

Mobilize your workforce

Provide team members with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions from any device, at any time, from any location.

Amadeus Sales & Event Management - eProposal

Avoid static RFPs that stall sales. The eProposal module ensures you always deliver dynamic, memorable proposals. Directly integrated with the Advanced module, there is no need for re-keying of data. You can pull information directly from inquiries and send responses quickly.

Produce dynamic and memorable RFPs

Create an easy-to-navigate electronic brochure and showcase your venue to meeting and event planners.

Rich multimedia content

Let meeting and event planners see your space with enticing graphics, rich content and multimedia options.

Simplify and streamline Processes

Quick and simple to create, eProposal integrates with our Group & Events Management solutions. This helps you track progress with ease.

Amadeus Sales & Event Management - PlannerPortal

Manage meetings and events via a secure, online collaboration portal. Planners can access real-time information about their events as well as request changes and view event-related documents.

Easy access to the smaller details

Provide direct access to event details, menus and items, plus event-related documents directly to the meeting planner. Allow access to check guestroom blocks (agreed and pick up room night counts).

Empower your planners

Enables the planner to make requests and changes from within the portal. Venue staff and planners see the same event information so there is no conflict or confusion.

Synchronize across multiple venues

Unprecedented event information transparency across multiple venues.

Product Highlights Amadeus Sales & Event Management

Effectively manage the complete business lifecycle of your events with Amadeus Sales & Event Management, from prospecting, acquiring new business, planning, executing and analyzing metrics.

Allow above, and on, property groups to work in unison for increased effectiveness.
An end-to-end, proven sales and catering system for mid- and large-size organizations.
Increase staff efficiency without over-using your resources with the Fundamental module.
Access real-time event information and management with the ability to synchronize across multiple venues.

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