Amadeus Service Optimization - HotSOS

Reduce issues that might negatively impact your guests' experience and schedule preventative maintenance before issues develop. Amadeus Service Optimization – HotSOS is a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise product that can help you solve minor issues before they become expensive problems.

Solve minor issues before they become expensive, major problems.


Connect and manage your team

Enable staff to virtually connect and manage their department from anywhere on any device. Alert staff in real-time of any guest incidents or service delays.

Automation for increased efficiency

Automated dispatch of operational and guest requests reduce wait times and increase efficiencies.

Minimize time and cost

Streamlined workflow operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Take advantage of technical capabilities designed to enhance operational decision-making and ensure guests enjoy their time with you.

Profiles and reports

Build profiles and personalize experiences based on guest history of requests and preferences. Generate robust enterprise reporting to enable proactive operational decision-making.

Protect and build your reputation

Speedy and agile software axes ''slow service'' - the primary complaint guests make when writing an unsatisfactory hotel review.

Product Highlights Amadeus Service Optimization – HotSOS

Improve communication and respond to guest issues quickly, helping you solve minor issues before they become expensive problems.

Automate daily operations and deliver a higher level of service to every guest to checks in to your establishment.
Manage all departments from anywhere on any device for streamlined workflow operations, increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Personalize and build reports based on guest request history and preferences.
Protect your reputation with a speedy and agile software that eliminates 'slow service' complaints.

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