Amadeus Instant Preference

Appear among the first results that travel agencies see when searching for a property to book. Amadeus Instant Preference is available no matter the location; you can jump to the top of the list and get noticed, creating more opportunities to be booked.

Occupy prime positioning on travel agency availability display and hotel listings in your destination.


Drive more business to your hotel

Most travel agents book from the first results on their availability displays. Whether your hotel is located in a major city, or is more remote, having a higher ranked hotel creates more opportunities for bookings. That’s where Amadeus Instant Preference can help.

Generate more interest in your hotel

Amadeus Instant Preference gives participating hotels preferred placement on the travel agencies’ multi-property availability and hotel list displays across the world. More eyes on your content means more bookings.

Optimize your advertising budget

Get a quicker return and more out of your marketing investment.

Track and monitor your performance

Leverage merchandizing reports for a clearer understanding of how your hotel and market are performing and adjust your strategy in response.

Subscription-based model

To access all the benefits of Amadeus Instant Preference, you’ll need a subscription first. We offer both 6 and 12 months plans, so you have the flexibility to choose the right model for your business.

Develop partnerships with the corporate segment

Position your property before other negotiated ones.

Product Highlights Amadeus Instant Preference

Rank higher on travel agency availability and hotel listings with Amadeus Instant Preference.

Your hotel gains extra visibility as agents from around the world become more familiar with your hotel brand.
Agents tend to book from the first results, so there are more opportunities to sell your hotel.
Most hotels generate a higher revenue than non-preferred hotels in that market.
Our merchandizing reports provide insight into how your hotel has been performing compared with the market.
Perfect to enhance existing contracted programs with the major Business Travel Agencies and it works with search filters and negotiated rates.

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