Amadeus Hotel Reports

Set your rates and inventory based on detailed insights relating to market trends, competitor behavior and your own performance. Amadeus Hotel Reports helps you optimize your promotional investments with comprehensive performance reporting.

Enhance decision-making with detailed information on Amadeus GDS market trends and competitor behavior.



Enhance your strategic decision making

Our data provides comprehensive information at property level, providing you with actionable insight into how you can further develop your GDS business.

Monitor Amadeus GDS market trends

You can obtain a clear view on how different markets are performing around the world and compare this to your own performance.

Develop your partnerships

Identify your key bookers and track the success of consortia and corporate hotel programs, as well as advertising campaigns.


Accurately track your performance

Understand how you’re performing with Amadeus Merchandizing Reports. KPIs include: number of bookings, average daily rates, revenue and year on year evolution. You can also track availability search and booking conversions, as well as your highest performing rates by hotel or market.

Keep an eye on the competition

With Amadeus Competitor Set Reports you can access all the same data available with Amadeus Merchandizing Reports in relation to your competitors. This helps you compare your own performance against the competition.

Tailor made reports

If you have a specific request for information, we can prepare customized reports based on your unique requirements. This can be for one property or a group of hotels.

Product Highlights Amadeus Hotel Reports

Enhance your performance with access to data relating to operations, finance, and booking activities.

Access detailed performance-related information with Amadeus Merchandising Reports.
Keep track of your competitors’ performance with Amadeus Competitor Set Reports.
Leverage tailored reports built to meet your specific business requirements.
Make more informed strategic decisions with a clearer understanding of how you’re performing and where you can improve.

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