Amadeus GDS Optimization

By selecting one of our GDS Optimization solutions, we help your marketing spend go further. Our solutions are all about helping you to target the right audience, so you can benefit from real rewards.

Accurately measure performance and adjust campaign strategies as needed with Amadeus GDS Optimization.


Amadeus GDS Optimization

We have developed three tools which will add value to your business, helping you to stand out in a competitive market place.

Amadeus Instant Preference

Get your hotel to the top of the travel agents’ hotel availability and hotel listing screens.

Amadeus Instant Cross-Sell

Prompts agent to book your hotels after the air booking has been made.

Amadeus Merchandizing Reports

Provides you with important information on how your hotel has performed and compares this to your key competitors.

Product Highlights Amadeus GDS Optimization

We understand that you need to be sure that your advertising spend brings real business benefits and shows its success.

Build your brand awareness and visibility with optimal placement on hotel shopping screens.
Reach a huge audience of up to 400,000 with the help of Amadeus Instant Preference, matching specific search criteria to benefit your hotel’s presence.
Get the most out of your budget with accuracy in our measured results, meaning more return for your investment.
Promotional messaging is an excellent way for communicating news and relevant information, as well as Amadeus Availability Banners designed for maximum visual impact.

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