Amadeus Fraud Management

Fraud is a serious problem that airlines must address. Amadeus Fraud Management integrates fraud screening in the booking flow before authorization and ticket issuance takes place. This enables you to detect fraud more efficiently and reduce operational costs and manual workloads.

With Amadeus Fraud Management, fraud screening is integrated in the booking flow for maximum protection, reduced manual workload and operational costs.


Reduce Fraud Losses & Cut Operational Costs

Detect fraudulent transactions with higher precision, halting attempted fraud at the front office which in turn decreases the amount of transactions sent for manual review.

Enhanced Travel Data

Access to unrivalled travel data increases the efficiency of the fraud screenings.

Fraud Management Expertise

Expert fraud screening performed by best in class fraud management providers.

Feedback Automation

The booking is automatically voided if it doesn’t pass the fraud screening.

Travel Customized

The fraud screening is performed before ticket issuance and the results are stored in the Passenger Name Record (PNR).

Increase Sales & Safeguard Market Expansion

Reduce the number of false positives to increase sales conversion. improve the customer experience and safeguarding market expansion.

Customizable Fraud Rules

Amadeus Fraud Management supports a system of business rules that allows airlines to flexibly customize the fraud screening.


Amadeus Fraud Management is available across all sales channels.

Product Highlights Amadeus Fraud Management

Amadeus Fraud Management, relies on best in class fraud screening engines, which allows airlines to reduce fraud losses while reducing the negative impact on sales conversion.

Protect against fraud-related financial losses by detecting false transactions with greater accuracy.
Reduce operational costs by halting fraud at the front office, decreasing the demand of manual reviewing
Drive sales by limiting the number of false positives, maximizing conversion and enhancing customer experience.
Safeguard your expansion into new markets with robust defense against fraud.
Perform fraud screening prior to ticket issuance and store the results in the Passenger Name Record (PNR)
Expansive travel data enables you to maximize the efficiency of your fraud screenings.
Implement Fraud Management across all your sales channels.
Leverage the expertise of best-in-class fraud management providers.
Enjoy the flexibility to customize how fraud screening is implemented across your business.
Automatically void bookings that fail to pass the fraud screening process.