Amadeus Human Resources Management System (H-RMS)

Ensure you always have the right people, in the right place, at the right time with our human resources management system.

Deploy your staff in the right locations at the right moments with our human resources management system.


Manage your most valuable resource: your personnel

Effective team management is essential for smooth ground handling operations. That’s where Amadeus H-RMS comes in. It gives you the tools and information you need to effectively manage your team.

Plan ahead with visibility of all scheduled flights

Amadeus H-RMS gives you visibility of all scheduled flights, so you can accurately provision the resources you will require, when and where they’re needed.

Save money by not over-allocating resources

Use Amadeus H-RMS to plan ahead and to allocate the correct amount of resources required, not too many, not too few. This will prevent over-allocation saving you money.

Avoid service discrepancies due to insufficient resources

Ensuring sufficient resources are available is key to a smooth operation. You can make sure you always have enough resources for the job by planning resource allocation with Amadeus H-RMS.

Customize to match your business needs

Fully customizable, Amadeus H-RMS can be configured to match your business rules, KPIs and any regulations applicable to your region.

Get an overview of operations, at a glance

View all your resources allocated across the entire airport, at a glance. Amadeus H-RMS’ Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives you a full overview, in a single easy-to-read snapshot.

View all your resources on a single setup

Amadeus H-RMS allows you to view all of your allocated resources from a single setup. This gives you an ideal overview of operations. So you can monitor activities and react in real-time.

Immediately identify and respond to bottlenecks

With a clear overview of operations, you can instantly identify and respond to bottlenecks, moving your people and equipment to where they’re needed, as they’re needed.

Manage shift times, rosters and absences

You can also use Amadeus H-RMS to manage shift times, vacation rosters and non-flight related activities such as training and upskilling.

Do it all with one system

Amadeus H-RMS lets you manage all your human resources needs with one system. This means staff need only learn one system, not several.

Never be unprepared for the unexpected

Create simulated work conditions or ‘what-if’ scenarios to determine which resources will be required in various unanticipated situations. For example, if there were a last-minute landing or unplanned change of aircraft. So, you’re prepared, even for the unexpected.

Create plans based on simulated work conditions

Use Amadeus H-RMS to create simulated work conditions and identify the people and equipment required in any given work situation, ahead of time.

Get real-time updates on arriving and departing flights

When integrated with Amadeus AODB, Amadeus H-RMS can give you real-time updates for all arriving and departing flights. So you can make any necessary resource adjustments as required, in real-time.

Automatically calculate additional resources required

Integrated with Amadeus AODB, H-RMS can automatically allocate additional resources required in unanticipated situations. If an arriving aircraft were to be unexpectedly changed, Amadeus H-RMS could automatically calculate how many personnel and resources you require on site.

Identify gaps in your supply

With greater visibility and simulated work scenarios, you can examine your plans for gaps in your supply, and respond accordingly before the actual situation takes place.

Give your staff a complete overview too

The Amadeus H-RMS Staff Portal gives your staff a complete overview of all jobs they’ve been assigned, accessible from their own web-enabled phone, tablet or laptop.

Give a complete overview of upcoming jobs

From the H-RMS Staff Portal, your staff can see all requirements for upcoming jobs. For example, they will be able to see if an upcoming flight has passengers that require special assistance.

Access from your existing web-enabled devices

Amadeus H-RMS Staff Portal is browser-based. This means it can be accessed from your team’s existing phones, tablets, or laptops, so long as an Internet connection is available. No new and costly devices are required.

Record task statuses against performance targets

Staff can enter the status of each task, from acknowledged to started to completed. This helps you to assess whether performance targets are being met, and where delays are occurring.

Product Highlights Amadeus H-RMS

Manage your most valuable resource: your personnel. Amadeus H-RMS gives you the information and tools you need to ensure smooth team management and operations.

A complete human resources management solution, do it all with one system.
View all allocated resources with a complete overview on a single screen.
Plan ahead with advance visibility on all scheduled flights.
Save money by not over-allocating resources.
Create plans for future projects based on simulated work conditions.
Give staff a complete overview of upcoming jobs and duties with their own Staff Portal.
Accessible on all web-enabled mobile devices.
Integrate with Amadeus AODB.

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