Amadeus Baggage Reconciliation Solution (BRS)

From bag-drop to aircraft, with Amadeus Baggage Reconciliation Solution (BRS) you’ll know where every bag is, always.

Track baggage on its journey to and from the aircraft with Amadeus BRS and minimize lost luggage.


Defend your airline customers from lost baggage

Losing a bag can damage your airline customers' reputation and bottom-line. Prevent this from happening with Amadeus BRS.

Prevent lost baggage

Amadeus BRS prevents loss of baggage by allowing you to simply and effectively track bags throughout their journey to and from the aircraft.

As soon as it's tagged it can be tracked

With Amadeus baggage tracking technology, as soon as a bag is tagged, it can be tracked. Integration allows the BRS to connect to other areas where the bag will go and receive updates.

Get immediate flight updates

Updates to schedules and passenger numbers are immediately reflected in Amadeus BRS, giving you end-to-end visibility of every flight.

Enjoy more happy customers

Fewer lost bags equals fewer unhappy customers and a better experience for all travelers who can rest easy, knowing their baggage will arrive with them at their destination.

Instantly locate bags of no-show passengers

Enhance security while reducing delays by accurately and immediately locating the baggage of no-show passengers.

Quickly offload bags of no-show passengers

Should a passenger fail to board, Amadeus BRS can tell load controllers exactly where to locate their bag. So the bag can be removed quickly, minimizing delays and keeping the aircraft moving.

Reduce delays and prevent disruptions

Because bags can be located easily and quickly, there’s less time spent searching and offloading, so operations can keep moving with fewer delays.

Implement with no new and expensive hardware required

Amadeus BRS is hosted in the cloud, so there’s no new and expensive hardware installation required.

Integrates with Amadeus Altéa DCS

If you already use Amadeus Altéa DCS, integrating Amadeus BRS is instant. It runs, simply, on our common use workstations.

Deploy easily to other airports

As no server or architecture deployment is required, once you have Amadeus BRS configured at one airport, you can easily and rapidly deploy it to other airports.

Ensure peace-of-mind with our secure data center

Amadeus BRS is securely hosted in our state-of-the-art data center; one of the world’s largest data processing centers dedicated to the travel industry.

Leverage a powerful, cloud-based solution

At Amadeus, we use leading cloud technology to ensure our customers always enjoy the latest and most powerful cloud-based solutions.

Help customers achieve IATA R753 Compliance

Assist your airline customers in obtaining IATA Resolution 753 compliance (R753) with Amadeus BRS.

IATA Resolution 753 Compliance

Amadeus BRS will assist your airline customers in becoming IATA R753 compliant by offering them the functionality they need to track baggage as per requested in the resolution.

Demonstrate compliance to potential customers

Implementing Amadeus BRS, will help you to demonstrate R753 compliance, an important advantage when competing for an airline’s ground handling business.

Benefit from a universal solution

Amadeus BRS works for all ground handlers, all airlines and all airports. So, you’ll benefit from all the advantages, which come from using a universal solution.

Product Highlights Amadeus BRS

Amadeus BRS supports airports, airlines and ground handlers with the loading, tracking and management of baggage. It ensures baggage accuracy, increases the speed of aircraft turnaround, and reduce delays.

Prevent lost luggage from damaging the reputation and bottom-line of your airline customers.
After a bag is tagged, it can be tracked, it’s that easy.
Get greater visibility with real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in until flight departure.
Instantly locate bags of no-show passengers.
Implement with no new and expensive hardware required.
Enjoy more happy airline customers and travelers with fewer lost bags.
Keep moving and reduce delays by easily and quickly locating required baggage.
Assist your airline customers in achieving IATA Resolution 753 compliance.

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