Amadeus Destination Insight Top View

We provide the perfect platform for destinations looking to track the monthly performance of its strategies. Built around reliable data extracted from air travel transactions worldwide, Amadeus Destination Insight Top View provides decision makers with intelligible insights into issues at origin level.

Amadeus Destination Insight Top View delivers clear, powerful performance indicators from origin countries and cities to a destination.


Leverage detailed performance analyses

Convert insightful performance analyses of your marketing campaigns into tangible results for tourism in your region.

Access a broad mix of metrics

Break down data into country, city and route level, allowing you to improve decision-making and unleash the tourism industry in your region.

6-month outlook on performance

Make prudent decisions that positively impact the future of tourism in your region, using an outlook of performance for the coming 6 months provided by Amadeus Destination Insight Top View.

Insights into the performance of competitor destinations

See a comparison of your region’s tourism metrics with those of competitor destinations. Gain invaluable insights into how and why they’ve succeeded, and you haven’t, and improve your organization and strategy with this newly acquired knowledge.

Identify emerging opportunities

Stay a step ahead of the competition by using Amadeus Destination Insight Top View to see and develop forward-thinking opportunities, which encourage travel to your region.

Track seasonal trends

See seasonality trends at a glance and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Benefit from our intuitive platform

We handle and analyze big data for you, providing you with reliable insights into the impact of your marketing campaigns without you having to redirect resources unnecessarily.

Heat map

An easy-to-understand heat map that displays where demand is originating from, helping you make decisions about how to market your region globally and locally.

'Top 5' layout

Find out the top 5 growing and declining origin markets in a glance.

Report Define the future of travel through intelligence

Amadeus Travel Intelligence focuses on the use of data and deep technical analysis to better understand and shape the future of travel.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Destination Insight Top View

Benefit from invaluable insights into marketing performance provided by Amadeus Destination Insight Top View. We help you analyze big data with little to no hassle.

Immediately identify performance issues, in current and future months.
Spot emerging origins and opportunities.
Outlook of performance for coming 6 months.
View top 5 Growing and Declining Origins graphic.
Analyze the performance of competitor destinations.
Data analysis broken down to Country, City and Route level.

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