Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator

Powered by billions of travel agency bookings, Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator delivers supremely detailed insights into the planning, purchasing and travel behaviors of travelers worldwide. We harness daily granularity and weekly data refreshes to help you design effective marketing campaigns.

Bring strategy to life with Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator, giving analysts the access they need to reliable, up-to-date travel insights.


Monitor traveler behavior trends more effectively

Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator helps you learn more about the individuals who travel to your destination and zero in on what appeals to them about your region.

Tailor and adjust your campaigns around travelers

Build your marketing campaigns around the specific demands of potential travelers, making your marketing spend as impactful as possible.

Time your marketing campaigns perfectly

By harnessing our detailed insights into the tourism market, you can optimize the timing your marketing campaigns.

Access detailed analysis of booked passengers

Get to know your booked passengers, allowing you to offer them a better service, by analyzing their profile by booking and travel date, length of stay and advance purchase.

Zero in on traveler demand with daily level granularity

In-depth data is made available by Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator, with historical data going back 3 years.

Make smart decisions about your campaigns going forward

The tourism industry requires resilience and quick thinking to succeed. Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator facilitates this flexible approach for DMOs and Tourism Boards.

Gain from marketing plan with clear objectives and KPIs

Effectively monitor the success of your marketing plan with the ability to set KPIs and then judge the results of your marketing campaign by them.

Manage shortfalls in future visitor bookings

Be adaptable thanks to Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator, accommodating for and changing your marketing tactics in line with fluctuations in demand.

Benchmark your performance vs competitors

Compare your region’s performance with that of competitors and stay ahead of other DMOs and Tourism Boards.

Access key information in a clear and intuitive format

Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator works to break down big data into a helpful, intelligible format that will help your DMO or Tourism Board thrive.

Intelligible segmentation

Segmentation by business vs. leisure travellers, international vs. domestic, booking channel and more.

Product Highlights Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator

Advance your DMO or Tourism Board’s knowledge of the travel industry, and get ahead of the competition, with the detailed customer and passenger information provided by Amadeus Destination Insight Navigator.

Analyze the performance of origin markets to your destination in comparison with competitors.
Daily level granularity.
Detailed analysis of passengers who are due to travel to your destination.
Identify and manage shortfalls in future visitor bookings.
Track the impact of your campaigns at a daily level.
Assess traveler behavior trends in your target markets.

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