Amadeus Service Changer for Cruise Lines

Protect revenues and save time by automating ancillary service repricing after ticket changes.

Enable Tour Operators to automatically reprice ancillary services that are rebooked on a new itinerary after the ticket change, and facilitate the preparation for EMD reissuance.


Apply change policies automatically, across every channel

Recalculate prices and collect all revenues due on new itineraries, always in compliance with airline policies.

Give your customers more choice

Offer travelers self-service options to change itineraries that include ancillary services.

Manage disruptions more easily

Make sure customers get the services they've booked, even after a disruption.

Fully integrated with Amadeus Ticket Changer

End-to-end exchange processes for both tickets and ancillary services.

Product Highlights Amadeus Service Changer

Protect revenues and enhance service to travelers with the industry's first automated EMD change solution.

After ticket changes, newly priced ancillary services are automatically rebooked on a brand-new itinerary.
Save precious time previously spent processing ticket changes.
Pin-point precision calculations ensure revenues are safeguarded when policy changes are implemented across all channels.
Reduce operator workload as all newly issued prices are fully compliant with airline policies.

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