Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform for Cruise Lines

Amadeus makes it easy to file and update private fares and manage mark-ups and fare distribution.

Take advantage of secure and flexible file management without sacrificing time or efficiency.


File and update multiple private fares with ease

Use one of the three main FareXpert Filing Platform modules to store and update your data. With the Negotiated Fares module, you can specify all your fare conditions and the amount.

Enhance your productivity with our intuitive graphical interface

An intuitive graphical user interface offers a consistent approach for filing all types of private fares. The platform also facilitates all filing activities for services offered by industry fare providers.

Benefit from the flexibility of our solution

Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is a web-based portal, with upgrades to new software versions taking place automatically at login time.

Mark up and distribution modules

Mark-up net deals by referencing net contracts and apply further restrictions to suit your requirements regarding geography, corporate and fare class.

Get your updates to market with speed

Real-time access to the Amadeus database is fully enabled, so that your updates apply immediately and are available to the targeted points-of-sale for pricing and ticketing.

Establish your excellence in the industry

Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform has a great reputation in expertise, having been used many travel agencies and cruise worldwide, such as American Express, BCD Travel, Club Med and Expedia.


Optimize data confidentiality thanks to a strong security set up based on a digital certificate and strict vendor security for selling offices.

Limit coding errors

Cross-controls and the possibility to use pre-coded data reduce the potential for coding mistakes.

Product Highlights Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform

A top-level system that allows fare filing staff working for cruise, travel agencies, airlines, consolidators and servicing companies to keep their business fully up to speed.

Utilize one of three main FareXpert Filing Platform modules for data updates and storage.
Access intuitive graphical user interfaces for a consistent private fare filing process.
Amadeus FareXpert Filing Platform is web-based portal featuring automatic software updates at the point of login.
Mark-up net deals and apply restrictions relating to geography, corporate, fare class, before defining the distribution network for the resulting fare.
Take advantage of real-time access to the Amadeus database, enabling immediate application of updates targets at specific points-of-sale for pricing and ticketing.

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