Amadeus Fare Preferences for Cruise

Analyze and administer fare inventory and target fares efficiently, using fare preferences across multiple points of sale.

Let AFP administrators accurately and efficiently analyze fare inventory and target fares, using fare preferences across multiple POS.


Fare preferences made easy

Our fare preferences are easily activated and loaded with multi-criteria for accurate exclusion while being fully integrated and available across all Amadeus products. Launch and manage the system by following the easy-to-maintain rules and structures to maximize your productivity and get the best possible view of your business.

Apply rules automatically

The rules you set are automatically applied across shopping, pricing, Amadeus Ticket Changer and fare display applications.

Generate immediate results

Rule activation or deactivation is effective instantaneously, and can be applied either offline or online.

Comprehensive transparency

Fare exclusion is transparent to the travel counsellor.

Powerful administration UI

Order fare exclusion rates according to your own specification by utilizing the dedicated administration UI.

Product Highlights Amadeus Fare Preferences

Analyze and prioritize the fares that make sense for your business.

Administrators can create, modify, copy, paste, re-order and group several sets of fare exclusion rules.
Up-front solutions mean travel counsellors can browse transparent fare exclusions.
Any changes, activation or deactivation of rules are immediately implemented.
The Amadeus pricing engine automatically excludes fare fares, eliminating time consuming manual tasks using multi-criteria.
Target fares accurately at the right market by analyzing fare preferences across multiple POS.

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