Amadeus Dynamic Packaging for Cruise Lines

Create the right packages in real time so that you can offer travelers exactly the right combination of hotel and flight for the destinations and dates they’re looking for. Give tomorrow’s travelers the most relevant deals, optimized to meet their demands and needs.

Give today’s travelers the right context and the most relevant deals, optimized to meet their demands and requirements..


High-speed search = higher conversion

Our cache-based dynamic packaging system delivers search results in milliseconds, which means higher booking volumes and makes you more successful.

Available on any device

Dynamic packing results work on any device, across any channel.

Reduce financial risk

Dynamic packaging is demand-led, which means you only offer packages that match current market demands, and you avoid tying up money with upfront purchased allotments.

Gain a closer connection to your customers

Better address the needs of online shoppers looking for different types of breaks during the year and personalize their offer instantly. Differentiate with on-the-fly packaging technology, combining hotel and flight content.

Inspire and engage travel shoppers

Create inspirational landing pages, promotional campaigns and make the most of open search capabilities. Ensure you get involved in the emotional part of the shopping and booking journey to foster customer retention and loyalty.

Tailor-made offering

Leverage flight content and non-air content bundle offers that are truly customizable and generate higher margins.

Product Highlights Amadeus Dynamic Packaging

Capitalize on new customer segments you’re not currently addressing and that represent more revenue and higher margin potential.

The latest search technology based on relevance for a smarter and more desirable experience for the customer, delivered with instant speed.
Connect to your travelers at all times with dynamic packaging available on all devices, cross-channel.
Package tours can be fully tailored and offered with exceptional flexibility to generate higher margins.
Design and craft captivating landing pages and promotional campaigns to inspire and energize your customer base.

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