Amadeus Dynamic Campaigns for Cruise Lines

Increase conversion and traffic to your website by implementing online marketing campaigns across all channels, loaded with up-to-date prices and availability-checked offers - all controlled by one central system.

Connect your booking engine to your online channels and create marketing and data feeds for all your best deals.


Synchronize your campaigns

Previously called Travel Suite, Amadeus Dynamic Campaigns allows you to synchronize multiple campaigns and create perfectly matching landing pages that automatically link directly into your booking path for streamlined conversion.

Digital communication

Connect to leading management tools and tracking systems, with price updates and steering logic for websites and offsite advertisements.

Centralized booking

One central system houses all online advertising, encompassing availability-checked offers and automatically updated prices.

Smart coding

JSON, XML, CSV, HTML, JavaScript & TXT feed formats uniquely created with the feed generator.

Integration, right out of the box

Ready to use with leading advertising platforms, such as Google, Tripadvisor, Criteo, Facebook, Instagram and Travel Audience.

Automate your advertising

Save time and increase your digital marketing productivity by automating campaign updates.

Personalize and target your promotions

You set the rules based on what your travelers are searching for. Amadeus Dynamic Campaigns finds the best matching deals and publishes them to all online touch points.

SEO performance

Amadeus Dynamic Campaigns automatically generates search engine-optimized landing pages for long-tail keywords. That means SEO-friendly pages for all the destinations you serve, or even for each O&D, with no manual effort.

Intelligent automation

Google AdWords API integration and automated creation of specific landing pages.

More dynamic online advertising

Create animated HTML5 as well as standard gif or jpeg banners. Show updated price and availability as soon as customers open newsletters, not just during the shopping process.

Product Highlights Amadeus Dynamic Campaigns

Ensure a great customer experience throughout the complete sales funnel. Be it in offsite advertisements, retargeting, CRM or on your website, simply create campaigns containing automatically updated offers.

Connect to your booking engines and create media and data feeds featuring your best deals.
Control your business efficiently by synchronizing multiple campaigns and landing pages with one centralized booking system.
Create the image that you want and garner greater loyalty from your customers with personalized deals and the ability to create advertising campaigns with artistic license.
Utilize digital communications to best interact with management tools and tracking systems.
Improve your SEA performance and use smart coding with various web formats created with the feed generator.
Use refined searches to find the best matches and benefit from intelligent automation, removing the need to manually update campaigns.

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