Amadeus Context Search for Cruise Lines

Context Search is a web services solution that puts the most relevant air results into the same flow as non-air bookings. That means agents can offer travelers the right air options more quickly, and travelers can buy the right flights from you more easily.

Simplify the flight reservations process and steer non-air travel experts to make more sales with Context Search.


Increase air booking revenues

Increase air booking revenues

Context Search streamlines and steers the air search and booking process, allowing non-air travel experts to find flights and make reservations more quickly than ever before.

Make your agents more productive

Make your agents more productive

Context Search integrates air results into existing cruise and tour booking tools. With easy-to-use workflows, it's faster for agents to make bookings and reduces training needs.

Grow air booking profitability

Grow air booking profitability

The Context Search Management Console allows you to manage business rules and reports, to make sure air search results meet both your business’s and your traveler’s requirements.

Reduce errors and debit memos

The Context Search quality assurance modules ensure your agents make reservations following applicable airline rules and policies.

Performance graphic

Integrated performance

Context Search connects with market leading Amadeus products such as Amadeus Master Pricer and Amadeus Negotiated Space to help you improve your air reservation operations.

Product Highlights Amadeus Context Search

Sell more air more quickly with a single, guided flow for air and non-air bookings.

Set of web services allow you to use your own booking interface.
Keeps the flight reservation process in the same flow as non-air bookings.
Admin tools steer agents to make bookings that drive better business results.
Quality assurance module ensures quality of every reservation.

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