Amadeus Air Preferences for Cruise Lines

Using personalized business rules, gain complete control over the availability, schedule and timetable displays which agents see by default, favoring preferred providers and optimizing revenue opportunities. Amadeus Air Preferences allows you to customize both airline and route selections with ease.

Drive the selection and sequencing of air travel products using your own business rules, rather than simply filtering the regulation neutral air response.


Drive sales revenue

Determine which travel options can be seen in a display and the order in which they appear, promoting preferred partners’ flights to the top of the display and move other providers’ flights lower down the list.

Enhance your product offer

Tailor content of your displays for any itinerary or point-of-sale. Use customization parameters to create the display content scenario that’s right for your business. Create rules to rank. Include or exclude carriers, flight types, code share, maximum ground time & connecting point.

Take full control over distribution

The Amadeus Air Preferences biased display is the default display, which represents, on average, 75% of the look traffic.

Systematize and streamline your operations

Create simple and complex rules for any point of sale or origin and destination with the simple to use GUI and guided workflow. Simulate the impact of an air preferences rule before implementing it online using the built-in simulator.

Harness our helpful simulation functionality

See the rule effect before storing a preferences rule, thanks to the ‘simulation’ function.

Access a full overview of all rules

Find out which rule applies in one shot. All information shown within the same interface.

Cross-channel availability

Available for both your online and offline channels.

Improve productivity and efficiency

Sell travel solutions that are best suited to your business requirements. Update air preferences in real time and take immediate advantage of new partnership agreements.

Invest in and optimize customer relationships

Merged air display showing both agency and client preferences. Alternatively, use the twin display to see both agency and client preferences on the same page.

Benefit from real-time updates

Changes to air preferences can be implemented immediately ensuring that the benefits of new agreements are realized in the fastest possible time.

Access real-time data

Biasing rules apply on top of fully dynamic route selection, based on up-to-the-minute flight schedule information.

A fully integrated solution

Amadeus Air Preferences works hand in hand with Amadeus Travel Preferences Manager which manages company and traveler preferences. Air preferences are merged with corporate and individual customer profiles preferences to create a single coherent Air display.

Product Highlights Amadeus Air Preferences

Influence booking behavior and ensure that your agents sell the way you want them to.

Promote preferred partners’ offerings by determining which flights are displays and the order in which they appear.
Simulate rules before implementing them, reinforcing operational effectiveness.
Enjoy comprehensive integration with Amadeus Travel Preferences Manager and utilize a single, complete view of corporate and individual preferences.
Leverage real-time data and updates to gain a clearer understanding of how your offerings match the preferences of your customers.

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