Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis for Cruise Lines

Optimize your business with clear, data-driven intelligence on market, booking and competitor trends.

Make sense of vast quantities of data, giving you a clear view of booking trends in the market and of how well you and your competitors are responding to them.


Insights to help you make smarter decisions

Know what routes travelers are booking

Identify growing routes with travelers booking on O&Ds and make more informed decisions about what to focus your marketing and sales resources on.

Partner better with airlines

Better understand the relevance of your business to your partner airlines and identify new airline partners for new revenue streams.

Monitor and surpass your competitors

View the spread of bookings across airlines in the market and know your market position by airline and O&D.

Evaluate your own sales strategy effectively

Evaluate expansion routes into new markets and track your performance levels to assess success rates.

Optimize SEO marketing

Promote the right offer at the right time, and then track your performance in line with your marketing campaigns.

Product Highlights Amadeus Agency Insight Booking Analysis

Increase and track your sales and marketing effectiveness while keeping tabs on your competitors.

Regularly evaluate areas for growth and development by identifying success streams within competitor markets
Identify popular travel routes you can then spotlight your marketing resources on
Advertise and circulate promotional offers to capitalize on heavy traffic flows through optimized SEO marketing
Access the top O&Ds booked in the market along with the evolution in booking figures. You will be able see O&D growth and decline in various attributes.

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