Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

Implement effective and cost-efficient business travel management with Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense. Provide a personalized and seamless booking experience through your business travelers' preferred channels. Retain control and visibility over your travel investment across the entire booking and expense process.

Implement effective and cost-efficient business travel management with Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense.


One global platform

Meet the growing needs of your business travelers while keeping control of your travel spend thanks to a global solution backed by the unparalleled content, technology and expertise of Amadeus.

Leverage global content

Give your travelers access to the widest content globally: choose the content that best meet your company’s needs from any Global Distribution System, Low Cost Carriers and Vendor Direct Connect (VDA)©.

Fully integrated travel, expense and duty of care

Reduce manual entry, risk of errors or fraud and provide on-trip support thanks to synchronization of data between cytric Travel, cytric Expense and Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

Traveler centricity

Provide the best user experience to your business travelers, whether they're in the office, at home or on the go.

Seamless, multi-channel travel booking

Offer your travelers a flexible online booking experience for flights, rail, hotel rooms, car rental, taxis and transfers, including the full range of air fare families and ancillary services.

Services on the go

With the cytric mobile application, your travelers can search and book, check their itinerary, check in online, access contacts and local services, capture expense receipts, and approve or reject trip and expense requests.

Relevant and personalized travel options

Provide your travelers with the best travel options with advanced search and availability display, powered by Amadeus Master Pricer, cytric Perfect Fare Configurator©, Grid Pricing© and Cube Channel Technology©.

Time saving and productivity

Our intelligent tools reduce the need for manual entries and time spent searching, booking trips and submitting expense reports. Expense submission is accelerated thanks to automated computation of allowances from booking and statement creation from receipt captures.

Fully integrated ecosystem

Decrease your indirect costs associated with system silos and error-prone manual entries.

Book and search on the move

cytric Web services and Companions allow seamless interfacing with other systems from your corporate ecosystem. Enable real-time automated data transmission to third-party systems from your travel agency, risk providers, and other expense management providers.

Streamlined organization of meetings and events

The integration of HRS’ meetago service with Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense optimizes small meeting spend and streamlines the process used to bid for and book rooms for such gatherings. Users can initiate meeting room bookings and the associated travel through a single, comprehensive tool.

Travel spend optimization

Ensure adoption of your travel program to keep control over travel spend and minimize risks associated with uncontrolled spending and fraud.

Increase adoption and visibility

Thanks to the wide range of content and services available in Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense across multiple channels, you'll avoid open bookings, which ruin visibility and control over travel spending.

Ensure compliance to your policies

Drive the best purchase decisions with our highly customizable policy setting engine. On the expense side, rest assured that country legal and fiscal rules are managed and pro-actively updated for a growing number of markets. More complex, customer-specific expense policies can be also be added.

Customize workflows to match your processes

Set up trip and expense approval flows, validation rules, audit trails, notifications, and re-minders for all participants in the travel and expense process. Maintain control with the TravelWizzard, generating pre-trip requests and/or redirecting travelers based on your corporate policies.

Control costs and optimize your travel program

cytric Enterprise Reporting’s comprehensive set of pre-defined reports allow you to track travel spend across different categories to control your budget and support negotiations with suppliers. You can also benefit from our more advanced data analysis and dashboard-ing product: Corporate Insight.

Reliable partnership

Secure a long term investment by partnering with a trusted and innovative global partner.

Peace of mind with a global partner

By choosing Amadeus, you get a long-term partnership with a truly global travel player with the geographical footprint, infrastructure and technology needed to serve global operations in terms of scalability, support, performance, security and data protection.

Benefit from continuous improvement and innovation

The travel industry is evolving fast. Staying up-to-date with changes in technology, content and mandates can be challenging. Amadeus invests significant resources in R&D to keep our global platform relevant, continually improving the user experience in collaboration with our customers and partners.


Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense UX

Take a look at new features and design providing an improved user experience.

meetago and Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

How corporations are better managing their hotel program.

Cost-effective travel management

CFO Ana de Pro, who shares her views on T&E priorities.

Product Highlights Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense

Effectively control your travel program and enjoy streamlined, simplified user-experience.

Give your travelers access to a massive collection of content from around the world, displaying the best travel options for customers with advanced searches and availability.
With a customizable policy setting engine, you can give customers the ideal booking experience with flexibility and the option to find additional and auxiliary services that are provided.
Make sure that your business travelers are constantly able to book, search and organize all of their travel itinerary in a personalized and simple way through SmartTrip.
Get full integration with your enterprise systems, no matter the supplier choices you made, as well as payment data integration.
Help reduce your costs, making sure your travelers benefit from compliancy with fiscal rules implemented and expense policies.
Benefit from a trusted and reliable partner to help you continuously optimize your travel spend.

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