Amadeus Corporate Insight

Leverage our advanced dashboard tool to transform data into actionable insight and enhance your travel policy implementation. Address needs across your organization from Senior Executives, Budget Owners, and HR, to improving the experience of your travelers themselves.

Enhance your travel policy and manage travel spend by transforming data into actionable information.



Drive value by optimizing with new insights

Improve productivity

You can investigate anomalies such as periods or destinations with high 'out of policy' bookings to understand the root causes.

Monitor progress

Track the evolution of your travel costs versus previous periods and stay ahead of your budget spend.

Optimize and expand

Discover opportunities for travel cost optimization and negotiate better deals with travel providers. Optimize hotel programs and improve quality of service to corporate travelers.

Customize and visualize your data

Extreme optionality

We have over 35 pre-defined dashboards covering the most recurrent needs of travel managers and budget controllers.

Powerful data model

Our data model covers booking and expenses, with daily refresh and a two-year history.

Full customization

Through our intuitive user interface, you can adapt the content of existing dashboards or create your own new ones from scratch. Utilize the responsive design of the interface, available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Product Highlights Amadeus Corporate Insight

Transform data into actionable insights and address the needs of various parties within your organization, including Senior Executives, Budget Owners, HR & Administration, Travel Managers, Procurement and travelers themselves.

Keep track of progress with a powerful data model that covers booking and expense, so you can efficiently track your business’ evolution.
Improve productivity by investigating and rectifying anomalies such as high ‘out of policy’ bookings to help track down the root of any problem.
Discover new markets to grow your business into and establish better negotiating power with travel providers.
A vast array of dashboards for the most recurrent needs of travel managers, as well as full customization available for adapting content with the responsive design of the interface.

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