Amadeus Automation Suite

Take control and reduce your costs while improving the quality and efficiency of your business. Our solution automates your more time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks, giving your agents the time to concentrate more on delivering high value services to your customers.

By automating time consuming and labor-intensive daily tasks, Automation Suite enables you to control and reduce costs, increase quality and boost the productivity of your business.


Reduce costs, increase quality

Amadeus Automation Suite is comprised of three bundled components; Ticketing Manager, Schedule Manager and Queue Cleaner, with the ability to easily configure them to suit how your team works best.

Ticketing Manager

Enable the automation of ticket issuance and be able to send traveler documents if necessary, while performing basic PNR quality checks beforehand. You will be notified of any tickets that are deemed faulty during the process.

Schedule Manager

Schedule Manager analyses each PNR for schedule changes, automatically updating affected PNRs, adding remarks as to why the changes were made, and notifying travelers of minor changes with timely, personalized alerts, providing travel documentation where needed.

Queue Cleaner

No more mornings spent mindlessly updating PNRs following overnight airline changes! Queue cleaner analyses the air segment and SSR status in PNRs on Queue 1 and updates them as per your configured settings, adding remarks as it goes.

Product Highlights Amadeus Automation Suite

Streamline your processes, connect with your customers and work faster – and smarter.

Save time and resources previously spent on repetitive tasks.
Ensure quality with automated checks to streamline business processes.
Provide data consistency at the mid- and back-office.
Deliver high value services to your customers.
Reduce overheads by eliminating the cost of technology maintenance and management.
Increase productivity for ticket and document issuance.
Fully compatible with all Amadeus front-office systems.
Configurable as per your team’s requirements.
Increase productivity.
Save time and resources on repetitive tasks.