Amadeus Ancillary services

Personalize and diversify your revenue with cross sell opportunities

Personalize and diversify your revenue with cross sell opportunities


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Keep your customers coming back

Enhance your customer service by offering content parity with the airlines' own offer and give your customers more choice.

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Book ancillaries with more efficiency

Always offer customers your latest deals with access to a dynamic real-time catalogue of services.

Streamline your processes

Search and booking is fully integrated into the standard flow. Our system reports to mid- and back-offices through the Passenger Name Record (PNR).

Amadeus Master Pricer

Ancillary services are available in Amadeus Master Pricer results along with the flight information.

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Unlock new revenue opportunities

Keep your online shoppers on your website and enhance your value by widening offers and delivering exceptional customer service.

Sell high-value packaged offers

Deliver high-value packaged offers to your customers. These offers include ancillaries – such as a ski weekend including hotel, flight and special baggage fee for skis, or sports equipment transportation.

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Offer transparency across all fares

Offer complete visibility for each fare throughout the booking process, with pricing and optional services included via a dynamic catalogue.

Fulfil ancillary services with EMDs

Once ancillary services have been booked, you’ll be able to automatically fulfil them via electronic miscellaneous documents (EMDs).

Add mark-ups for extra revenue

Generate further revenue with the freedom to add mark-ups on ancillary services at your discretion.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ancillary services

Offer a comprehensive service to your customers and maximize profits with ancillary services available through Amadeus.

Offer exceptional customer service with complete content parity with airlines’ offering.
Leverage the first GDS to offer a dynamic ancillary services catalogue.
Take advantage of new revenue opportunities with high-value packaged offers.
Provide customers with complete fare transparency across the entire booking process.

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