Amadeus Value Hotels

Amadeus Value Hotels is our net rate hotel program, giving you even more choice when booking hotels for your customers. We source the content; you decide the price. It couldn’t be easier.

Amadeus Value Hotels is our net rate hotel program, giving you even more choice when booking hotels for your customers. We source the content; you decide the price. It couldn’t be easier.


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Value for your customer

Today’s travelers demand choice and of course value for money. Amadeus Value Hotels ensures your customers get a wide variety of accommodation options at the best possible price.

Content to suit every traveler & trip

We have sourced over 400,000 properties with a choice of destinations, and room types. All room rates are net, so you have the option to mark them up and earn additional revenues for your agency.

No sign-up charge

Amadeus has a global footprint and extensive buying power. By negotiating rates on behalf of all our travel agencies, we can get the best deals. What’s more, there’s no charge to sign up to the Amadeus Value Hotels program.


Value for your time

Amadeus Value Hotels are fully integrated into the Amadeus hotel platform. Sign in once to access all travel content and combine the trip elements into a single PNR.

A single view of all hotel properties

When you are shopping for accommodation, you will be able to see and compare Amadeus Value Hotels, alongside our other hotel content. When you make a booking, this is integrated in the customer PNR alongside any other trip elements, such as the flight and car rental reservation.

Hotel information at your fingertips

Each hotel displays important information helping you to filter and find the right hotel for your customer’s requirements. This includes multi-lingual property and room descriptions, policy information, photographs, maps and traveler reviews.

Find the most competitive deal

When selecting the hotel property, you can choose between different pricing and payment options. On-screen indicators will highlight the most competitive room and rate combinations, making it easy to find the best deal.


Value for your business

Receive instant revenue when you mark up the net rates negotiated for Amadeus Value Hotels.

Pre-paid net rates

Amadeus Value Hotels come with pre-negotiated net rates which customers pay at the time of booking. This means you receive the mark-up amount you have applied immediately, generating instant cashflow for your agency.

A credit line gives you more control

Amadeus provides a credit line to book. You apply the agency fee on the payment page and we will invoice you for the net rate amount. After payment of each invoice, the credit line is automatically recharged. If you want to check your balance, you can use the credit line management tool.


Value for your services

Provide your customers with a personalized, round-the clock service.

Getting started

Once you’ve signed up to Amadeus Value Hotels, we’ll provide you with all the materials and technical support you need, so you can start making bookings and earning extra revenues for your agency.

Multilingual support

We have a 24/7 helpline, manned by multilingual staff. They are available to answer any questions you or your customers may have about a booking you’ve made for an Amadeus Value Hotel.

Personalized travel documents

Once you’ve made a booking for one of the Amadeus Value Hotels, Amadeus sends you a personalized voucher to send on to the hotel guest and a confirmation email for your agency. This service helps raise awareness of your brand and build long-term loyalty.

Product Highlights Amadeus Value Hotels

Sourced by Amadeus, priced by you.

No additional sign-in required to access Amadeus Value Hotels content from our Selling Platform.
Choose from over 400,000 Amadeus Value Hotels offering pre-negotiated net rates.
Comprehensive hotel information, makes it quick and simple to shop for the best deal.
Boost your agency cashflow with complete autonomy to decide the mark-up margin you want to apply.
Hotel bookings are integrated into the PNR, mid and back office systems.
Support is available 24/7 with our multilingual helpdesks.

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