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Offer sub-agencies and Network members a branded app with automatic trip linkage, rich feature configuration and end-to-end monetization options

Offer sub-agencies and Network members a branded app with automatic trip linkage, rich feature configuration and end-to-end monetization options


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Make your mobile mark

Design your travel app around your brand’s identity and vision. Amadeus Mobile White Label allows you to communicate the qualities that make your travel company unique through a menu of plug and play features, content and more.

Apply brand personality

Customize the brands within your mobile app and set the icons, names, splash screens, theme colors, content tabs and more through Amadeus Mobile White Label.

Configure rich features

Add and tailor features with your customers’ needs in mind, including automatic trip linkage, email parsing, PNR lookup and manual trip entry, all of which make your app more user-friendly and allow you to stand out in the travel market.

Grow your visibility

Broaden your reach and get higher visibility for your customer in every app store.

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Give travelers peace of mind

Give your leisure and business travel clients easy access to the trip information and services they crave with our catalog of plug and play features available through our white label mobile solution.

Intuitive itinerary management timeline

Amadeus Mobile White Label neatly organizes travelers’ trip itineraries. With a single tap, travelers can see all their trip details, such as departure/arrival times, confirmation numbers, gates and seats, in one place.

Convenient flight notifications

The powerful flight notification engine in apps designed by Amadeus Mobile White Label allows you to alert travelers to any changes, cancellations or delays.

Make travel planning easy with trip tools

Give travelers the planning tools and services they need during their trip. Provide quick access to 5-day weather forecasts, maps, driving directions, currency, destination recommendations and so much more.


Gain mobile bookings

Make use of ready-made upsell and cross-sell opportunities to tap into and capture more of your travelers’ spend, while minimizing demand on your IT and call center staff thanks to the best-in-class functionality of apps built with Amadeus Mobile White Label.

Search & book modules

The optional search & book modules, which can be added by Amadeus Mobile White Label, make the app we’ve designed a great way to monetize your mobile presence with secure payment integration.

Create new revenue streams

Capture additional ancillary, taxi/transfer, parking and other destination revenues through intelligent, personalized merchandising opportunities across a variety of cross-selling advertising channels that you pick and choose for your travel app.

Reduce cost & workload

You can leave the hard work to us. We take care of the ongoing maintenance of Apple and Google operating systems plus give you continuous feature and content updates to keep your travel app healthy and at the top of its game.

Digital marketing platform

With our built-in analytics, reporting dashboards and marketing automation capabilities, you can brilliantly engage with travelers at each step of their journey.

Product Highlights Mobile White Label

Connect, impress and retain your network or sub agents. Take advantage of new revenue streams opportunities throught mobile channel.

Take the comunication of your offer to another level.
Beautifully designed itinerary management timeline and home screen.
Powerful notification engine that keeps your travel clients up-to-date.
Trip tools that give your travelers access to all the relevant information for their trip.
Optional search & book modules that help you monetize your mobile presence.
Upsell and cross-sell opportunities that tap into and capture more of your travelers’ spend.

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