ePower Consolidator

Develop your network through an easy to use and implement platform and make sure you have control of your business. With Amadeus e-Power Consolidator, your agents can focus on selling without worrying about complex tasks, such as ticketing.

Develop your network through an easy to deploy platform, designed to ensure control of your business.


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Get flexible content

Your travel agencies can access multiple content options for: flights, merchandising, hotels and rail. Additionally, Amadeus e-Power Consolidator integrates your negotiated content from external providers and gives accessibility to cross sell teasers.

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The best interface for your users

This platform has easy to use tools through wich your agencies can focus on selling while complex tasks are fufilled externally. You can also choose a B2B2C module which provides a B2C channel that'll help your customers reduce manual tasks.


Easy management

You can manage your own business rules with your travel agencies, do hierarchical administration with simple queue management and configure your global business logic at HQ or local level. This allows you to control: content and merchandising services, credits and tickets issued, credit card and VCC payment rules.


Revenue management at multiple levels

Manage your own service fees, mark-ups and discount rules, even for ancillary services. You may also flag your negotiated fares and decide the carriers you want to sell.

Product Highlights New- ePower Consolidator

Easy to deploy and designed to ensure control of your business performance, this product will keep your agents on track and ahead of the game.

Enable easy comparison between full service and low-cost carriers.
Generate real-time reports on saved commissions, created passenger name records (PNR), credit limit balance or double layer service fees and mark-ups.
Simultaneously search for flights, hotels and cars within the same booking, or receive adapted hotel and car rental proposals once a flight is selected.
Allow agents to focus their efforts on selling while complex administrative tasks are handled externally.

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