Amadeus Trusted Reviews

Choosing the right hotel when planning a trip can be a difficult task - it's not always easy to find authentic reviews from other travelers. With Trusted Reviews by Amadeus, users now have access to a myriad of reviews from travelers who have visited these locations.

Easily access a myriad of reviews from travelers who have visited the location of your client's choice.


A better view

Give your customers ideal engagement with a unique user interface that allows them to share their experiences with others. Save your travelers’ time and help them find what they need in one centralized location, leaving them satisfied and loyal to your brand.

Global reach

Help your customers make the best decisions with access to a giant range of content from across the globe, with more than 1.5 million flight and hotel reviews, including 290,000 guest photos.

Multiple view

Choose from several possible views, with the ability to see reviews based on availability or comparisons. Your customers will see overall scores and detailed information on rooms, services and location.

Search and filtering

Gain deeper insight into your customers’ needs by offering them filtering and search options like choosing a specific rating level, seeing only hotels with AeTM reviews and more.

Dependable branding

Become a more reliable and efficient brand by delivering real value to your customers. Boost your internal efficiency by being able to actively monitor and respond to consumer opinions, ensuring retention and conversion.

Real travelers

Only real travelers who have actually stayed in a hotel can post a review, meaning that results cannot be unfairly skewed or biased.

Self-booking tool

Increase revenue by encouraging your customers to use the self-booking tool, which allows them to choose to see all reviews or, for example, only those posted by colleagues within their own company.

Product Highlights Amadeus Trusted Reviews

Empower travelers and enhance efficiency by delivering personalized access to reviews of hotels, flights, locations, excursions and activities. This will guarantee that your customers’ travel experience will be as memorable as possible from beginning to end.

Use a view variety platform that lets travelers view according to availability or comparisons, including overall scores, room service and location details.
Access individual reviews and guests’ supplementary comments for added insight.
Multiple choice filtering and search options allow travelers to choose rating levels or search for premium reviews.
The AeTM site administrator is able to easily tailor the use of Trusted Reviews to suit various customer requirements and preferences.

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