Amadeus Ticket Changer for Business Travel Agencies

Leverage a powerful suite of products allowing you to apply both voluntary and involuntary airline reissue and refund policies automatically, with accurate and guaranteed results. Simple and easy to use, Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) dramatically cuts the time needed to process changes to your customer's itinerary, saving you and your customers time and money.

Optimize your ticket change management with Amadeus Ticket Changer and reduce costs as a result.


Harness a powerful suite of products for an improved customer experience

Enhance the level of service you offer customers with the ATC product suite, delivering fast, efficient handling when changing a ticket.

ATC Reissue

Acquire fast, accurate and reliable fare recalculation and exchange for tickets and itineraries, available in over 140 markets worldwide.

ATC Refund

Reduce refund processing to just two easy steps with guaranteed results.

ATC Shopper

Take advantage of a unique self-servicing ticket change solution for your customers' online change requests.

ATC Involuntary

Implement an automated ticket exchange solution to manage disruption quickly and efficiently.

Secure revenues with detailed fee collection

Drive productivity and significantly reduce the time spent on fare recalculation, ticket exchanges and refunds. ATC products are intuitive and easy to use, requiring only minimal training.

All ticket types supported

Fully automate end-to-end processes for all types of ticket: electronic tickets issued in Amadeus or another GDS, paper tickets issued in Amadeus, domestic and international itineraries, fully unused and partially flown tickets, first issue and revalidated tickets.

Avoid errors through automation

Eliminate errors and secure revenue with an automated process that can also help to reduce debit memos.

Comprehensive integration

The ATC suite uses integrated technology and supports recognized industry standards, delivering consistency across all your sales channels.

SITA and ATPCO data

Ensure guaranteed results with SITA and ATPCO filed data.

Product Highlights Amadeus Ticket Changer

Leverage the only solution that handles the reissue of unused or partially used tickets, as well as the only one to include interline tickets from partner airlines.

Calculates and displays the fare and tax balance including any penalty fee.
Guaranteed automated results using SITA and ATPCO filed data.
ATC supports refunds and exchanges for all types of tickets.
Multi-channel application available through cryptic access on Amadeus Selling Platform, Amadeus e-Travel Management and online.
An intuitive workflow reduces the process from 14 to 4-5 simple steps, resulting in faster adoption.
All fare and change types supported.

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