Amadeus Open Profile Suite (OPS)

A centralized and flexible profile management system, Amadeus Open Profile Suite supports any third-party system and delivers accurate profile data, facilitating heightened agency productivity and fluid data sharing.

Benefit from our centralized, flexible profile management system and the accurate profile data it provides.


Benefit from an enhanced approach to profile management

Amadeus Open Profile Suite is the first platform for travel agents that centralizes the handling of profile management. Flexible and dynamic, the suite can be customized to match your needs and business practices while providing full cross-channel services.

Mass distribution

Traveler profile data is distributed across multiple systems.

Reliable and secure data storage

Feel secure with fully protected storage assured by Amadeus, with versatile profile operations to match individual agency requirements.

Heighten flexibility with full customization

Standard and customizable profile fields provide optimal flexibility.

Increase your productivity

Maximize productivity with efficient rule management and accurate profile data publication.

Minimize human error with effective rule management

Rule management prevents agent and traveler errors, while also creating structure and simplifying the management of optional and multiple fields.

Precise data

Accurate profile data publication provides consistency across all systems.

Minimize time wastage and reduce costs

Our convenient self-service interface reduces training times and allows agents to better manage their workflow.

Graphical interface

A self-service graphical interface allows travelers to manage their own profiles, reducing the time spent by travel agents on similar tasks.

Data maintenance

A single interface to manage profiles in multiple databases eliminates data maintenance duplication.

Enhance your customer’s experience

Amadeus Open Profile Suite gives you a consolidated view of all your profile data, ensuring you can deliver reliable, high quality customer service.

Data synchronization

Up-to-date traveler profile data allows you to deliver higher quality customer service and ensures that your customers always benefit from complete and accurate profile information.

Multiple languages

A truly global traveler profile product, Amadeus Open Profile Suite supports 16 languages and has multiple character set support, so your customers can connect wherever they are in the world.

Product Highlights Amadeus Open Profile Suite

Simplify the way you work with Amadeus Open Profile Suite. With a consolidated view of your profile data, it’s good for your customers and your business.

Centralize the handling of profile management with data distributed across multiple systems and fully secure storage.
Limit agent and traveler error with effective rule management and accurate profile data.
Enjoy an intuitive graphical interface, providing a centralized profile management display and increasing operational efficiency.
Up-to-date traveler profile data and multi-lingual support enable customers to connect wherever they are in the world.

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