Amadeus Master Pricer 

Give your travelers unbeatable offers in no time by implementing an unmatched air search capability for travel retail. You can provide the cheapest bookable fares and optimal itineraries across a wide range of airlines. 

Harness the most effective air search solution for business travel agencies, offering cheap flights and clear itineraries.


Respond to the demands of your customers 

Provide instant responses and a value-based shopping process with Amadeus Master Pricer. Increase your client reach by leveraging all possible sales channels, including mobile, and impress your customers with personalized and bookable offers and fares. 

Tailor search results to each customer 

Truly come to know your business travel clients and respond to their needs with Amadeus Master Pricer. Offer recommendations that are explicitly relevant to what they are looking for, meaning they don’t have to waste time and neither do you.

Improve your conversion rates

Optimize your conversion performance, contributing to a more fluid experience for your clients. 

All in one place in next to no time 

Streamline and revolutionize how your customers search for travel options by returning bookable recommendations in less than a second.

Fully customizable 

Amadeus Master Pricer can be customized with more than 50 flight and fare options.

Reinforce your brand with effective marketing 

Directly respond to trends in the travel market by creating your own unique offers, with a diverse range of search options and air travel products.

Fare comparison and fully transparent offers 

We ensure accurate fare comparison and fully transparent offers between providers, including baggage allowance, ancillary services, airline fare families and fare conditions.

Rich set of features 

Offer map views, extended calendars, price graphs, fare alerts and many more features that serve and engage your customers. 

Minimize costs and maximize efficiency 

Drive your costs down and get the most out of your business travel agency’s operations.

Enhance your workflow

Manage complex itineraries more efficiently with search and book capabilities on up to six segments in a passenger name record (PNR). 

Fully integrated 

Amadeus Master Pricer is integrated through Amadeus front-office solutions, making it convenient for your agents to use. 

Reduce IT expenditure

Control IT costs with unrestricted API access to pre-computed Amadeus data. 

Product Highlights Amadeus Master Pricer 

Amadeus Master Pricer powers the most prominent online travel agencies worldwide. Travelers have more choice and an easy-to-use tool that helps their decision-making process.  

Drive bookings and your conversion rate with Instant and Value Search features. 
Provide travelers with relevant and personalized recommendations tailored to their specific requirements in less than a second. 
Implement fare comparison and transparent offerings including baggage allowance, ancillary services, airline fare families and fare conditions.  
Offer the cheapest and most reliable fares, making use of extensive pricing optionality. 

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