Amadeus Light Ticketing

Making a low-cost carrier (LCC) booking in Amadeus is identical to booking any traditional carrier, using one simple workflow. Simply select the flight and let Amadeus Selling Platform do the rest.

Make low-cost carrier (LCC) bookings using one simple workflow, just like you would for traditional carriers.


Centralize booking processes in a single flow

Book LCCs easily through a single workflow, based on the same reservation flow as full service carriers. Plus, full automation keeps the booking process streamlined and fast.

Automatic confirmation

From the data available in the PNR and passenger profile, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the traveler and an invoice is generated enabling one single payment across the booking.

Save time

Book up to 4 times faster than airline websites and twice as fast as other aggregator sites.

Increase revenue

Make up to € 3 on a round trip booking.

Take advantage of Profile and PNR integration

Amadeus Light Ticketing offers comprehensive integration across the reservation flow, ensuring your always operating with maximum efficiency.

A.I.R integration

Full A.I.R integration for your agency’s Mid- or Back offices system(s).

Accurate pricing

Total Pricing including taxes, duties and possible ancillaries.

Product Highlights Amadeus Light Ticketing

Book on EasyJet, Transavia and Jet2 flights directly in your Amadeus platform using NEW Amadeus Light Ticketing technology. Streamline the booking process and data flow with full ticketing carriers available in Amadeus.

Over 8 minutes quicker to make a change than through any other channel including aggregator websites.
Make up to 3 €  on a round trip booking and up to 6 €  savings for re-bookings or changes.
Gain competitive advantage meeting growing demand and increase your market share as Low Cost Carriers expand their market share.
Chargeable Ancillary services increase travel value and diversify your offering. PNR Modification guarantees travel flexibility.
Secure access to the LCC’s inventory vs. “screen-scraping”.
Travel agencies avoid seats being cancelled or Fare changed after End of Transaction.