Amadeus Interface Record

Automate the transfer of fare and booking data in real time between Amadeus and external systems. With Amadeus Interface Record, you’ll always have access to a structured record of data that can be sent to any agency computer system. 

Automate the transfer of fare and booking data in real-time between Amadeus and external systems.


Analyze with precision

Amadeus Interface Record maintains a comprehensive record of all data received from your airline partners, providing all the tools you’ll need to analyze more efficiently.

Information management record

Amadeus Interface Record enables you to use booking and fare information for statistics, data consolidation, synchronization or quality tracking purposes.

Mid and back office integration

Enjoy seamless integration between Amadeus and external systems, including mid- and back-offices.

Automate information gathering

Improve agent productivity with automated information gathering, allowing your staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Product Highlights Amadeus Interface Record

Automate the transferal of booking and fare data for a more productive workspace.

Control and process ticketing data, miscellaneous documents, invoice data, car voucher data and accounting processes.
Easily assimilate information management systems or quality booking control applications.
Leverage automatic, real-time transmission of agent transactions.
Automate information gathering, optimizing agent productivity.

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