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Say goodbye to the days of wasting time shopping across different channels. With our centralized hotel content platform, your travel agency has access to over 3.1 million shopping options, 740,000+ unique properties and around 310 hotel chains, all in one place.

Gain instant access to quality content from all sources via a single, centralized platform.


Impress your client with an unrivalled amount of quality content

We know that helping your business travel agency's clients access the hotel content they want in a timely and clear manner is what your business' success is based on.

Accommodate for every guest's needs

Whether you’re looking for a corporate rate at a city-center hotel or something more affordable, we can meet your travel clients' needs, leaving them contented and your business' reputation enhanced.

Enhance your brand with rich multimedia content

To ensure that you and your clients are able to make informed decisions, all the necessary information about each hotel is right at your fingertips, including rich descriptions, pictures and other multimedia content.

All in one place

Amadeus has partnered with thousands of hotel properties to provide your business travel agency with a centralized content repository that’s fast, reliable and easy to use.

Make advances with expert help

Not only does our platform enable an efficient and effective workflow, we make sure our team of experts is constantly at your disposal so you can keep on delivering the best hotel offers and deals to your business travel agency's clients.

Our team of experts

When selecting a hotel booking, Amadeus ensures that experts are on hand to guide you and your company through the training and implementation process.

The best technology

Equipped with the best technology, we can empower you to make the right accommodation choices for your customers, helping to grow your business further.

Streamline your operations and grow your business

In order to thrive in the competitive business travel industry, we know you need a flexible business model that constantly adapts to your customers' needs and demands. Our hotels content enables exactly that approach to business travel commerce.

Tailored to your business model and customers

We offer a wide variety of rate types to suit your business model and your typical customer’s budget and trip purpose: pre-paid and post-paid, commissionable, negotiated, as well as net rates that can be marked up.

Multiple payment options

We support multiple payment options, including credit card, credit line, direct debit, Amadeus Hotel Billback and more.

Product Highlights Hotels Content

We’ve combined three key content sources to make sure you’re always able to find the perfect hotel for your clients while earning important revenue for your business.

Quality content that grows every day: over 650,000 unique properties with over 2.3 million shopping options.
Real-time availability with a wide range of instantly bookable rates: e.g. corporate, net, promotional, weekend, pre-paid, post-paid and more.
Comprehensive information to make informed decisions: cancellation policies, hold time, guarantee and deposit policy, multilingual descriptive information, rate and room descriptions, hotel amenities and more.
Rich multimedia information: photographs, interactive maps, videos and more.
Accurate geocoding to pinpoint the hotel’s exact location.
Multiple payment options: e.g. credit card, hotel voucher, Hotel Billback, credit line, bank transfer and more.
Incremental agency revenues: commissions, mark-ups and service fees.

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